We bring to life limited editions of premium sustainable garments for eco conscious babes.

We pledge to create versatile, comfortable and functional pieces with a reduced environmental cost of production.

Design Process

When designing, we’re thinking about what we would like to wear to be comfortable, empower or sweeten.

Then we locally source the most beautiful and sustainable fabrics. 

Most of our collections are designed with 12 months ahead, but we can quickly manufacture made to measure special pieces.

Naturalness and versatility are the main characteristic of our pieces, made to be worn from the morning coffee, to that important thing you’re attending in the evening.

  Sourcing & Standards of selection

Fibres origin impacts the way we clean, wear and maintain garments. At Gnana, the important criteria of selection is the recycling potential. Therefore, all our fabrics are natural, cruelty free, 60% coming from dead stock.  

All natural fibres

Plant or cellulose based materials that are organic or totally renewable.

Making new with old

Not so innovative, but checking most sustainable criteria, dead stock fabrics are used for more than the 50% of Gnana pieces.

Dead stock fabrics are the left over fabrics of over ordered quantities from other fashion houses. Usually, brands would hold on to their excess fabrics for a few seasons and then send them to the landfills.

Before that happens, many of these fabrics arrive in reseller warehouses. This is why, some of our products come in super limited edition.

HEY! This is a win/win situation!

We're cruelty free here

We don’t use any materials of animal provenience being it fur, swede or leather. Fur has to stay on animals, not on humans! 

Never Poly or E fabrics

With more than 50 billion plastic bottles in the Oceans under the form of micro fibres, these fabrics don’t meet any sustainable criteria. At Gnana, we don’t use any polyesters, micro fibre or nylon.

Manufacture Process

With special care for a transparent manufacture process, use of design and high quality eco-friendly natural fabrics, each one of our product is not only fair and sustainable but also tells our passionate story. Furthermore, we only work with small ateliers, crafters and local suppliers ,limiting the carbon print on operations.

We collaborate with artisans from the beautiful countryside of Romania for our embroideries, prints and hand pleating.

Embroidery is timeless and represents an important part of Romanian traditional culture, a symbol of the daily life.

Made entirely in eco-friendly threads, our handmade embroideries are carryeng a real message about their wearer.

"The concentration of expression, the elegancy and the chromatic subtlety, aligns the embroidery with painting and miniature, some of the major arts."

Floriana Sandu - founder