Memories of freedom

Inspired by childhood freedom and the '90s in the East, this season collection gathers under one artistic direction all the values of the brand: naturalness, versatility and craftsmanship, all with a bit of art.

Minimlist in cuts, contrasting through shapes and fabric choices, the collection brings back the universe of the '90s in the East, an era of living the dreams built under oppression.

A place of final freedom.

Tiny tops and strappy dresses in vibrant colors were filling the streets and open air parties, while women thriving after the fall of communism were rocking their power suits.

Seen through the eyes of a kid it all seemed a joyful tragedy, full of individualism, art and hope, like today.

Shapes: regular, asymmetrical

Fabrics: handloom & upcycled wool, boiled wool, upcycled viscose, upcycled cottons, organic wool yarns

Colors: black, green, brown, pink, grey, light violet

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