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Apper jacket

Product details

Available on demand. 

Rock'n'roll power suit jacket 

  • an oversized fit with open darts
  • two buttoned closure
  • straight functional pockets with flaps
  • wide shoulders


*This product is manufactured only on demand in up to 14 days. 

Size & fit

Straight silhouette with wide shoulders. 

Model is 177cm and wears size S.

Composition & care

Khadi Cotton Batik 

Main fabric 100% Cotton - handloom and hand dyed in plant based pigment 

Lining 100% Viscose


Our Cotton Batik is hand loomed near Kolkata, West Bengal, India. Then, it is hand painted in vegetable pigment obtained from Madder (Manjistha), an ayurvedic, tonic local herb. Alizarin, the organic dye found in the root of the plant, creates the crimson red shade. 


Fabric preparation & printing

Fabric is washed to remove any starch, then is soaked in coconut oil for few days. 

Excess of oil is removed by boiling the fabric in water and rice stakls ash.

Fabric is dried, cut in size and draped over a screen, ready to be printed. 

Wax is applied using a canting or a brush. 

Wax dots and solid lines are applied, then the detailed ornamentation, called isen, is filled in. This process is called tulis. 

Same process is completed on the back of the fabric. 

Fabric is immersed in the 1st color, wax is applied on the areas which are to remain in that color and the cloth is immersed in a second color. 

Fabric is soaked in a fixative and placed in a vat of hot water to disolve the wax. 


Cold and gentle hand wash. 

More info

This product was manufactured in the beautiful countryside of Romania, at only 52 km away from our studio in Bucharest. 

As an independent and passionate tailor, Mihai is the one manufacturing all of our suits. 

We believe in freedom at work and freedom is power. 

Want more info? Contact us at office@gnanastudio.com

Size guide

GNANA STUDIO sizes are designed to fit the following body measurements:

Some pieces might vary, but you can still use this as a general guideline.

For more measurements or bespoke pieces, contact us on sales@gnanastudio.com




Apper jacket
Apper jacket
Apper jacket
Apper jacket
Apper jacket