About Designer

Floriana Sandu is a young fashion designer who found and explored her passion from the childhood years. Her grandmothers were both sewers, one of them let the job as a kindergarten teacher to start sewing, so she could help somehow during the war. At 4 years old Floriana was spending the days with her mother, sewing dolls costumes, using a very old machine from her grand grandmother.

After working 10 years as a model in the fashion industry and getting to know the insights of it and the impact it has on the people, planets and animals she decided to design for the well-being of the planet and not only for fashion. Design and fashion have always been her constant passions, so that soon after taking her Degree in Fashion and Communication and PR, she started to work for a fashion house in Bucharest, where she developed the pivotal expertise and skills to pursue her most precious challenge.

Growing up she become a vegetarian and her decision not to use any product of animal origin in clothes came naturally. Also, practicing yoga and entering in the field of Hindu Philosophy she has a great will in discovering people’s minds and inner-worlds.