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Gnana is a natural, eco-friendly, and fair fashion brand founded by Romanian fashion designer Floriana Sandu in Bucharest. The ethical fashion label is focused on high quality craftsmanship and avoids using plastic and any microfibers and instead only uses carefully sourced natural materials like linen, modal, and organic cotton all dyed with ecological colors. The natural pieces are locally manufactured and woven with the newest Air Soft Technology. And this modern implementation of archaic woven techniques makes it possible to keep the resistance and natural properties of the fiber unaffected which supports the  longevity of each garment.

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BlogWithLips - Interview

What I like about this platform, as I mentioned many times, it's the joy to discover and learn about all these great & amazing conscious brands and the women entrepreneurs behind them who have a passion for ethical fashion and thrives to find solutions to protect our planet and it's nature. Floriana Sandu is a 25 year old Romanian designer and founder of Gnana Studio. A sustainable ready-to-wear handmade clothes, accessories, jewelries and deco pieces company based in Romania. Read my interview with Floriana to learn more about her mission and what Gnana stands for.

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Style and Trashion


This stylish oversized top in a minimal design with a round collar matches perfectly with the gorgeous Ika Nalu oversized asymmetrical midi skirt with pleated detail and rectangular flare. It features a dramatic sexy closure with cotton strings. From the Spring/Summer 2017 collection.

T-shirt handmade form cotton jersey and skirt handmade from linen and modal in Romania.


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Mathilde's Closet

Gnana Studio on Mathilde's ClosetGnana : marque Roumaine, tissus naturels, cotton bio ou cotton up-cyclé. Prix plus que raisonnable, 30€ à 150€. Un peu edgy et hipster sur les bords. Si vous voulez une pièce que vous ne retrouverez sur personne d’autre c’est la marque qu’il vous faut. Par contre, frais de port de 20€ vers la France. Aie aie aie. 




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Livia Van Heerde

WHITE ‘HUA’ BLOUSE BY Gnana StudioLetting workers risk their health and life for your summer clothes is a no no. Plus, the quality of fast fashion clothes is terrible.

The long sleeve blouse by Gnana Studio protects you from mosquito bites and chilly summer nights. Gnana Studio only uses cruelty free (vegan) fabrics and no plastic materials which makes them a sustainable company. Plus, the label is sweatshop free, respecting human rights.


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Designer e-Fashion smark.roE comod, e rapid, e de acasa. E shopping-ul online, directia in care ne indreptam tot mai mult cand zicem "cumparaturi". Pe asta s-a bazat si Floriana Sandu (founder & designer, Gnana Studio) cand si-a pornit propriul business in zona fashion anul trecut. Gnana Studio. a pornit din offline, cu tot cu showroom, si s-a extins apoi in online. Unul dintre elementele definitorii ale brandului este sustenabilitatea, spune Floriana, sustinuta prin produse care nu folosesc materiale animale sau care dauneaza mediului inconjurator (compusi plastici, microfibra, blanuri si piei naturale), al caror proces de productie este transparent si nu incalca drepturile omului.

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