Gnana is a Romanian brand launched by Floriana Sandu from passion of nature, beauty and freedom. With tendencies on the contrast between natural, simplicity and craftsmanship, Gnana brings a versatile and conceptual design with simple cuts, completed by the use of natural materials.The contrast between clean cuts and the complexity of the handmade or digital prints brings the idea of the heterogeneity of the human being, of our dual feelings and the power of emotionality. Thus, Gnana brings products for the sensibility, the power, the romanticism, the innocence, the loves and even the aggressively of the human being. Each collection brings a new and complete universe, by decomposing in three divisions: clothes for men and women, accessories and jewelry’s, focusing to offer a unique and exhaustive experience.
Our products are totally cruelty-free and have high standards of quality, materials and execution. Our Cotton Gauzes are locally woven with the newest Air Soft Technology. This modern implementation of archaic woven techniques makes it possible to keep the resistance and natural properties of the fiber unaffected which supports the longevity of each garment. Many of our materials comes from local manufacturing partners, collaborating with specialized ateliers for hand-made pleating. All our items are handcrafted in our own atelier and the waste is selected and send to a recycling company